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How to Get Power of Attorney for a Parent with Dementia

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Caring for a parent with dementia can be complicated, and seeking help is nothing to be ashamed of. The first step is finding the right community for your loved one and the ideal lifestyle that meets their needs.

Let’s explore what dementia is, some symptoms, and how to get power of attorney for a parent with dementia.

What Is Dementia?

Dementia is a group of symptoms that severely affect memory, thinking, and social abilities. Dementia is caused by damage to or loss of nerve cells and their connections to the brain.

Some common cognitive signs and symptoms of dementia include:

  • Memory loss
  • Difficulty communicating or finding words
  • Struggling with visual and spatial abilities
  • Having trouble with planning and organizing
  • Confusion and disorientation

Among those at least 65 years of age, there were an estimated 5 million adults with dementia in 2014, with a projection of 14 million by 2060. While dementia is associated with memory loss, it’s not the sole symptom.

Dementia is a general term, and the symptoms can vary from person to person—people with dementia usually have problems with:

  • Attention
  • Memory
  • Communication
  • Reason, judgment, and problem solving

Dementia can cause your loved one to struggle with daily activities such as dressing, cooking, and grooming.

How Memory Care Can Help

A memory care lifestyle can be an excellent option for your loved one and help elevate their quality of life. A memory care lifestyle takes a personalized approach to creating custom care programs with your loved ones’ comfort in mind.

A memory care lifestyle offers:

  • Professional and dementia-certified staff
  • Engagement for positive cognitive support
  • Meaningful activities to stimulate brain functions
  • Strengthening activities for walking and balance

Your loved one will also feel at home and be able to enjoy various services and amenities such as:

  • Regular physician visits
  • Medication management and assistance
  • Specially designed activities
  • 24-hour personal care

A memory care lifestyle helps ensure your loved one has the consistent, dedicated support they deserve.

Power of Attorney & Dementia

Dementia can be challenging to manage, and you’ll want to act quickly if you notice the early signs of cognitive decline in your parents to secure power of attorney.

Power of attorney is a legal document that designates someone else other than you is responsible for making decisions on your behalf should be unable. Because dementia is a condition that affects memory and communication skills, having power of attorney is essential.

Power of attorney can help protect your parents from physical and financial harm. Dementia is a progressive disease, so having the talk as soon as possible can help set up a plan for their future.

To get power of attorney, you must:

  • Discuss with your parents and ensure they know they are signing and getting into
  • Consult an attorney
  • Talk to the rest of your family to finalize a decision
  • Understand the limits of your authority

It’s essential to discuss all the details with your parents and help them understand the process. Power of attorney allows you to help move your loved ones into their new community to get the care they deserve.

You must have the legal authority to help make decisions for a parent with dementia. Involving the whole family is an excellent way to avoid misunderstandings and make the best decisions for your parents.

Keeping Your Parent’s Quality of Life in Mind

Getting your parents the care they need and deserve is crucial. Securing power of attorney is a significant first step to help make vital decisions regarding the next stage of their life. It’s an important time in your parents’ lives, and involving the whole family can make the process easier.

Schedule a visit with the caring professionals at Fox Trail to learn more about our memory care community options in New Jersey.

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