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Gifts for Alzheimer’s Patients

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Sometimes, a person is easy to shop for when it comes to gifts. But other people can be more difficult to shop for. This could be especially true if a loved one has Alzheimer’s disease because their likes and abilities could change over time. Some gift ideas for Alzheimer’s patients might include:

  • Memory games and puzzles
  • Memory journals
  • A favorite CD or playlist
  • Sensory stimulation gifts
  • A memory box
  • Activity kits
  • Caregiver relief gifts

There are often many different options within each of these categories that you could consider getting for your loved one. The particular gift you choose will ultimately rely on who your loved one is and what kind of things they enjoy or might find useful.

Gift Ideas for Individuals with Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive illness that affects a person’s memory, behavior, and thought processes. It can be a challenging condition to live with, not only for the person but also for their family and caregivers.

Finding the right gift for them can be difficult when you have a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease. Try to choose something that will be meaningful, helpful, and enjoyable for them.

Memory Games & Puzzles

People with Alzheimer’s disease often find it challenging to remember things and stay engaged mentally. Memory games and puzzles are an excellent way to stimulate their brain and provide a sense of accomplishment. Choose simple games like matching games or puzzles with larger pieces that are easy to grasp.

A potential bonus to providing memory games and puzzles to your loved one is the potential for the games to help boost their cognitive function. More research is needed, but there is some evidence that suggests memory games can slow cognitive decline and even improve its function.

Memory Journals

A memory journal is a thoughtful gift for someone with Alzheimer’s, as it allows them to preserve cherished memories that may be slipping away. This can be a therapeutic practice for people living with dementia, as it can boost their self-esteem and bring back a sense of purpose.

You can find pre-made memory journals with prompts for you or create your own personalized version with photos, prompts, and writing spaces. Giving a memory journal as a gift can be a wonderful way to reminisce with your loved one.

A Favorite CD or Playlist

Music can uplift moods and bring back fond memories. Consider making a playlist of your loved one’s favorite songs or purchasing a CD of their favorite artist. Listening to music can help with relaxation, provide happiness, and boost overall mood.

In addition to the general benefits of listening to a good song or favorite album, studies have also shown the benefit of music therapy in improved cognitive function. So, not only is getting your loved one their favorite CD something they can enjoy, but it could also be useful in helping them cope with their condition.

Sensory Stimulation Gifts

Alzheimer’s can cause a person to become bored, uninterested, and lose focus more quickly. Sensory stimulation gifts can help engage them and provide a sense of comfort. Some great ideas include cozy blankets, soft toys like stuffed animals, fidget toys, or scented lotions and candles.

A Memory Box

Fill a memory box with items that represent happy times from your loved one’s life, such as old photographs, postcards, and trinkets. The memory box can be a treasure trove of memories and help your loved one recall their past. A memory box could be a great companion gift to a memory journal discussed above. This gift can give your loved one a chance to reminisce over the photographs or trinkets and then add their own thoughts and memories to the journal.

Activity Kits

Some people with Alzheimer’s may struggle with boredom and loneliness. Activity kits can provide them with a sense of purpose and achievement to help prevent this. Activity kits can include puzzles, coloring books, art supplies, gardening kits, and games that are specially designed for people with Alzheimer’s.

Caregiver Relief Gifts

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease can be a massive undertaking. And it can be easy to get behind on things like meal planning, housework, or laundry when it’s just a loved one caring for someone with Alzheimer’s. And these things can negatively affect someone who is dealing with cognitive decline. So, gifting something to alleviate some of that burden can directly benefit your loved one with Alzheimer’s.

For example, a professional cleaning service, meal delivery service, or caregiver relief providing respite and a break for you or your loved ones’ caregiver can all be gift ideas that could make a huge difference in your senior loved one’s quality of life.

Another caregiver idea relief gift could be respite care. For example, a short-term break provided by respite could make a huge difference if you have another family member who is caring for a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Not only does your loved one with Alzheimer’s get a change of scenery without sacrificing the quality of care, but the caregiver will get a much-deserved break.

Give the Gift of Quality Care

Gift-giving is ultimately a personal thing. You know your loved one best and the types of things they would enjoy or that would make their lives easier.

Respite care may not seem like an obvious gift, but it can be a wonderful gesture that can benefit multiple people’s lives. Contact our compassionate team at Fox Trail Memory Care. We’re happy to answer your questions about respite care and book a community tour so you can see what to expect for your loved one.

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