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Specialized care, enhanced quality of life and safety at Fox Trail Memory Care Living

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There is a growing need in America for specialized memory care, and it is largely due to the approximately 6.9 million individuals living with Alzheimer’s or Dementia in the United States. These individuals need a program that focuses on enhancing quality of life through safety, security and individualized support and care.

At Fox Trail Memory Care Living, caring professionals have created an environment that meets these needs in a supportive atmosphere that emphasizes community and activity.

Personalized Care with a Commitment to Individuality and Dignity

In addition to a comforting, home-like environment where the health and safety of residents is paramount, Fox Trail also provides a system in which residents can connect with their families while receiving personalized care.

“We are committed to fostering an environment where individuals with cognitive challenges receive more than just care; they enjoy a lifestyle that celebrates their individuality and upholds their dignity, said Katheryn Martin, chief operating officer.”

At Fox Trail, the sole focus is on providing comprehensive care for individuals with Alzheimer’s, dementia and other forms of cognitive impairment. A sharp contrast to other facilities that simply incorporate memory care as an additional service.

High Staff Ratios Ensure Personalized Care and Peace of Mind

In order to provide residents with the highest level of individualized care, Fox Trail has worked to ensure each home has a limited number of residents and that no one is lost in the crowd.

“Our homes are intentionally designed to accommodate a small number of residents, typically 15 to 16,” said Barbara Putnam, chief executive officer of Fox Trail. “This intimate scale allows us to deliver exceptional, personalized care to each individual. Unlike the standards for long-term care communities where the resident to care staff ratios fluctuate depending on shift, Fox Trail homes have a bare minimum of 1 to 8 residents to care staff ratios across all shifts. With additional support from our community directors, volunteers, and medical professionals, this ratio improves further, nearing 1 to 4. Our goal is to ensure every resident receives the dedicated attention and care they deserve.”

In addition, each community has a dedicated director who can address family members’ questions and concerns. This accessibility is important for those considering care for their loved ones, and open lines of communication and prompt responses can provide families with peace of mind that their loved ones are in attentive and caring hands.

Designed With Residents’ Needs, Comfort and Safety in Mind

Instead of a clinical or institutional atmosphere, Fox Trail’s cozy homes might be compared to charming bed and breakfasts, complete with white picket fences, where residents’ safety and comfort are top priorities.

“From the soothing scents in our buildings to the carefully chosen paint colors, our innovative ‘Spark’ Program, and comprehensive staff education — everything is meticulously crafted to fulfill our sole mission of caring for individuals with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or other forms of cognitive impairment,” Putnam said.

Elevating Standards, Transforming Care

Residents of Fox Trail communities have the benefit of a medical director and in-house services, which can eliminate the confusion and anxiety that comes from going from one appointment to another. In addition, to ensure a seamless continuum of care, Fox Trail is planning for a program that will provide residents to access to all specialties.

“I’m very excited about this because I feel like it’s going to make a dynamic difference in the lives of the people who come to our communities,” Putnam said. “This is the change that’s needed in senior living, especially in memory care.”

Harnessing Technology

Families also benefit from the services of Fox Trail. Families have access to resources, photos and videos of their loved ones via InTouch Link. This connectivity keeps loved ones engaged and residents stimulated.

Experienced Leadership Ensures Quality of Care

Fox Trail is proud to welcome back Putnam and Martin. The experienced professionals previously thrived at Fox Trail under different management and return with an unwavering commitment to excellence in memory care. Their expertise and passion for Fox Trail’s mission promises to elevate the nurturing, supportive environment where residents and staff can thrive. They both bring a true understanding of what makes Fox Trail special, solidifying a future that is brighter than ever, anchored in the communities they serve and driven by a profound dedication to compassionate care.

Placement for Your Loved One: A Shared Sense of Urgency 

Searching for quality care for a loved one can be a stressful and urgent task. At Fox Trail, we understand this deeply and prioritize accommodating families swiftly. Martin explained that residents can typically be placed as quickly as 48 to 72 hours. This responsive approach helps families secure essential care quickly, offering peace of mind during challenging times.

“People are entrusting us with their loved ones,” Martin said. “It’s our responsibility to ensure they receive the care and specialized services they need as quickly as possible, while minimizing stress for their families.”

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With locations spanning Cresskill, Green Brook, Hillsdale (2), Mahwah, Montville, Paramus, Park Ridge, Princeton, Ramsey (2), and South River, Fox Trail invites families to explore their communities through in person or virtual tours before making a decision.

Discover the dedicated memory care services available across New Jersey with Fox Trail Memory Care. Visit or call 732-201-7338 to schedule your tour today and  learn more about how we can support you and your loved ones.

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