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Memory Care Move-In Checklist

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Moving a loved one into a memory care community can be a challenging and emotional process. Making sure that the transition is as smooth as possible is important–taking into account the unique needs of individuals with memory impairments such as Alzheimer’s or dementia.

We’ve compiled a memory care move-in checklist to help you navigate this significant life change, including financial planning, research, medical assessments, and packing help.

This guide will assist you in making the transition comfortable and safe for your loved one.

Memory care professionals at Fox Trail are here to assist you in assessing if we can support you and your loved one’s care needs.

Research & Select the Right Memory Care Community

Before you begin the move-in process, it’s important to thoroughly research and choose the right memory care community for your loved one. Factors to consider include the location, staff-to-resident ratio, quality of care, available amenities, and cost. Schedule tours and consultations with potential facilities to get a feel for their environment and see if they can meet your loved one’s needs.

Financial Planning

Memory care can be expensive, so it’s vital to clearly understand the costs involved. Talk to the community’s financial advisor to discuss payment options, such as long-term care insurance, Medicaid, or other financial assistance programs. Make sure you have a budget in place to cover any additional expenses. Also, ask what happens if the resident’s money runs out if paying from pocket.

Medical Assessment

Arrange for a thorough medical assessment of your loved one’s condition by their primary care physician or a specialist. This assessment will help the memory care community staff understand your loved one’s specific needs and tailor their care accordingly.

Create a Move-In Strategy

Develop a timeline and strategy for the move-in process to reduce stress, taking into account your loved one’s health and emotional well-being. Allow ample time for packing, notifying necessary parties, and coordinating logistics. Be flexible and patient, as the timeline may need to be adjusted to accommodate your loved one’s needs.

Pack Thoughtfully

When packing your loved one’s belongings, focus on items that will provide comfort and familiarity. Personal photos, favorite books, and cherished mementos can help create a sense of home in their new environment. A good tip is to label all items clearly to make unpacking easier.

Notify Key Parties

Inform important parties of the move, including doctors, insurance providers, and legal representatives. Make sure your loved one’s medical records and legal documents, such as power of attorney and advance directives, are up to date and accessible to the memory care community staff. Additionally, meet with the memory care community’s care team to discuss your loved one’s needs, preferences, and routines. Provide detailed information about their daily routines, dietary restrictions, and any behavioral triggers. This will help the staff create a personalized care plan.

Safety Preparations

Ensure the memory care community is equipped with necessary safety features such as alarms, secure entryways, and emergency response systems. If your loved one is prone to wandering, discuss strategies with the staff to keep them safe.

Emotional Support

Moving into memory care can be emotionally challenging for your loved one and your family. Consider seeking support from a therapist or counselor to help cope with the transition. Additionally, involve your loved one in discussions about the move to maintain their sense of autonomy.

Plan a Warm Welcome

When your loved one arrives at the memory care community, ensure they receive a warm welcome. Spend time with them to help them settle in, introduce them to staff and residents, and reassure them of your ongoing love and support. Make their new home familiar, comfortable, and safe.

Embracing a New Chapter: Memory Care Move-In

Moving a loved one into a memory care community is a significant decision that requires careful planning and consideration.

By following this memory care move-in checklist, you can help ensure a smoother transition for your loved one while providing them with the specialized care and support they need. Remember that patience, open communication, and a commitment to their well-being are key to making this transition as positive as possible.

Fox Trail Memory Care founded our communities on the conviction that everyone deserves rich, gratifying, and meaningful lives regardless of age or needs. To support this outlook, we offer a personalized approach to care for each community member. Contact us and book a tour today.

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