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5 Indoor Activities for Seniors in Memory Care

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As our loved ones grow older, certain aspects of their health and mind can deteriorate. While this can be difficult for their close and extended family members, it is important to remember that they still need to have stimulation throughout their day. When your loved one is at Fox Trail and living in our memory care community, they are fully cared for by a team of professionals that care deeply about all of their residents.

For seniors that are living in memory care, stimulating and safe activities are important for their ongoing care. There are many activities that can be done with seniors who are living in memory care communities. By understanding their mood, their comfort level and reading the situation each day, these indoor activities will be able to help make for a fun time for any senior suffering from memory issues.

Five indoor activities for seniors in memory care include scrapbooking, cooking, games and puzzles, painting and art, and Tai Chi.

Understanding each individual’s needs, hobbies and personal stories about them, is important to the staff here at Fox Trail. We take the time to learn what makes all of our residents unique and what their special interests are. Having a rotation of recreational activities will help our seniors feel at home and be themselves.

Scrapbooking, Photo Albums and Memory Boxes

Oftentimes, doing something personal for seniors can keep their moods upbeat and engaged. Creating a scrapbook of personal photos can help seniors to feel engaged with their past. It will often lead them to share stories of what they have done and bring up memories and stories they want to share with those around them.

Alternatively, creating a personalized memory box with different textile and tactile items can be another engaging activity that they will want to focus on. It can help keep all of their special items to be in one place and create something meaningful that they will be able to share with their family and friends.

If there aren’t photos or personal items around, creating a scrapbook out of magazine or newspaper clippings can be a good alternative. These things will show the interests that the seniors have and create a project that they can continue for many days.


Cooking is not only a fun activity but is one that engages all of your senses. By having recipes that are either no-bake or do not take too long, seniors will be able to create delicious snacks that will help them feel great.

With simple recipes, seniors may be able to do most of the recipes without any hands-on help. For many of these snacks, while they could require some use of tools or utensils, many can be done with safe tools or their hands. Some of these recipes can include:

  • No-bake squares and cookies
  • Fruits and simple salads
  • Guacamole, salsa, and dips

Cooking can help to focus on textures and smells. The colors and visual stimulations of the various foods will be engaging for all the senses.

Games and Puzzles

Keeping the mind focused can sometimes be difficult. When seniors with different memory complications can enjoy the moment and have fun, they are often able to stay focused. Using larger-faced cards or playing games that do not involve too many steps can be fun for seniors.

Puzzles and simple pattern-style games are often enjoyable. These will stimulate the senses because they have bigger game pieces that have various textures and bright colors.

Painting and Art

When creating something that they will be able to keep in their home, seniors can be restimulated each time they see what they have created. This can be a way that seniors are able to communicate and visually create scenes from their memory or things that they like. Painting and art can also help their fine motor skills to stay in use and to help enhance their mood.

Tai Chi

Physical movement is important for any senior to have in their daily routine, and the slow movements of Tai Chi are simple to follow. This can improve balance and health with deep breathing and is always supervised. Tai Chi can be a great activity to do one on one with seniors or in a group setting. Doing this indoors with well lit rooms will create stimulation for multiple senses.

Helping Active Seniors

When looking at activities with seniors that are suffering from memory issues, it is important to understand that plans can change. Being flexible and understanding can help you create special moments.

The staff at Fox Trail are dedicated to all of their residents in each memory care community. If you are wanting to learn more about what benefits there are to living at Fox Trail, book an appointment or tour today to learn more about the dedicated care offered at our communities.

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